We support the discovery of new neuropsychiatric drugs with AMPA-PET technology.

Contract research for clinical and non-clinical studies using AMPA-PET

   AMPA receptors are thought to be associated with many neuropsychiatric disorders, although only a few drugs target AMPA receptors. With AMPA-PET, changes in AMPA receptors in the brain can be detected; hence, it is possible to select target patients and evaluate drug efficacy, and to conduct clinical development of drugs efficiently and effectively.
We have already performed AMPA-PET imaging and image analysis of many cases. Please contact us if you would like to consider a clinical trial using AMPA-PET.
   AMPA-PET can be used to track changes in AMPA receptors, even in preclinical studies using a PET camera for small animals. With AMPA-PET, it is also possible to observe changes over time using the same object/individual. Please contact us if you are interested.

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